You Can Sell More Door To Door With These Four Opening Technqiues

Published: 21st August 2009
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If you have trouble getting in the door in door to door sales, you aren't alone. One of the most difficult things in door to door sales is to come up with openings that are exciting but honest and ones that get you in to present your product or service. Good openings also make you more confident and make knocking easier because you have a plan you have confidence in.

In our on line video training course, we suggest that you find something you can see on the outside of the home and explain that you noticed it. For example, if you sell roofing, you might knock on the door and say that you noticed a flashing pulling away or a missing shingle. Ask the customer to come out so you can point it out. This leads to a conversation about what they could do to fix these problems. It also establishes you as a consultative person with their best interests at heart. This leads to trust and lower buying resistance.

Many of our customers for our door to door sales training have written and asked what can be done if their product or service does not relate to something that can be seen from outside the home. Let's take a look at a few approaches. Remember that in today's difficult economy, you always need a reason for knocking. The days of stopping buy for no reason are over. Your chances of success in door to door sales are much lower if you let customers know you are calling on everyone.

A Visit To The Neighbors

If you have just gotten a sale or even a full presentation with one of their neighbors, you can use that as the reason you have stopped by. You might say something like, "The reason I am calling on you is that I just helped your neighbors Sam and Janet at #143 save more than 40% on their gas bill and I since I have a few minutes before my next appointment, the company allows me to do a professional audit of your energy costs at no charge. This is a $45.00 service but since I have a few minutes it is absolutely free. When was the last time you had your energy costs professionally audited?" Notice that you mention the neighbors by name and address and that you never ask if they want the audit. You put a fair value on it but the question you ask is not if they want it, but when they had their last one. Then you say, "Well since it is free, now would be a great time to see how much you could be saving. I'll only need a few minutes to show you your potential savings...let's get started."

Technicians On The Street

A similar opening that works well in door to door sales is to drive with or follow the technicians that install or repair your products. While the truck is on the street, you call on neighbors. The opening is very similar to the one above but starts with, "Hi, I am Carl from Acme Inc. We are here doing a service call for your neighbors Fred and Ethyl at #128. That's our truck. While I wait for our technician to finish up, I have a few minutes to spare before our next appointment the company allows me to do a professional audit of your telephone and cable costs at no charge. This is a $45.00 service but since I have a few minutes it is absolutely free. When was the last time you had your cable and telephone costs professionally audited to make sure you aren't overpaying?"

A Sticker Is Missing

In this door to door sales opening, you say you noticed a sticker missing. For example, if you sell home security, you might open with, " I was driving by and I noticed that the stickers warning criminals of your home security system are missing. Would you like some new ones?" If they say, "Yes", you look them up and find they are not customers. If they say they are not customers, you start your presentation about why they should and how you can do a $45.00 security audit at no charge since you already stopped by.

My Company Sent Me To Offer A Bribe

A fun opening that works well in door to door sales is to throw the customer off balance by saying something they don't expect like., "Hi I'm Carl from XWY Telecommunications and my company sent me here to offer you a bribe." We notice that you are one of the few homes on this street that do not use our service and we wanted to know if a special bribe would help you consider our services". What is the bribe? It could be free installation, one month free or any other special offer. This concept is fun and it works well in door to door sales.

Remember that in door to door sales you should never let people feel you are walking down the street calling on everyone. You always need a reason that benefits the customer. I hope you will adapt these door to door sales techniques to your product and your sales style. I know they will help you increase your door to door sales by making it easier to get in.


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