The Shocking Truth About Overcoming Objections - Did The Customer Believe You?

Published: 15th August 2009
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If you are spending a lot of time overcoming objections, there is a top secret reason we get many objections that I never seen a seminar, meeting, book or training video discuss. The silence ends here as we finally shed light on one of the main reasons we have to learn to about overcoming objections. What if they don't believe you?

I have never seen a salesperson leave a sales situation thinking the client thought they were lying. We almost always leave assuming that the client believed everything we said. I mean, we are the experts, right? We told them the truth, right? Unfortunately, we may have to accept the fact that our prospects often do not believe what we tell them. Once we accept this fact, we can look at ways we can avoid this situation and spend less time and effort overcoming objections. We should realize that skepticism has increased greatly over the past few years and that the sales profession is held in low esteem by many. Lots of people assume you are lying to get a sale. That's why it is so tough overcoming objections.

I am sure that when you think about it, you will realize that if they don't believe you, they aren't buying. Also, realize that if they don't believe you, they probably aren't going to tell you to your face. They will most likely give you another objection. You may spend lots of time overcoming objections that are just hiding the fact that they don't believe you. Being believed is critical to eliminating, reducing and overcoming objections. So, what can we do to be believed more often?

Never Exaggerate

Exaggerating to sell used to work. Salesmen often said their company as the largest in the world, that they were making a fortune or that the product lasted forever. Today, exaggeration kills the sale. Even true claims that sounds too good to be true kill the sale and make you work hard overcoming objections. Listen carefully to your presentation and eliminate everything that could be considered an exaggeration by your customer. This is an important step in overcoming objections.

Be Humble, Conservative And Different

An interesting technique for overcoming objections is to be humble and conservative throughout the presentation. Be different by being cautious and truthful. For example, you might say something like, "Our research shows you will save 30% on your fuel costs but let's be conservative and work out your saving at half that percentage or 15%. That way you will exceed the numbers we work out. Is that a fair way to approach it?" This is an unusual approach and should lead to the kind of image that will be a big help in overcoming objections.

Get Numbers From The Customer

If you use numbers in your presentation, always get them from the customer. For example, if your equipment will save 20% of their labor costs, instead of telling them a number they may not believe, try asking how much they would estimate the program would save them. Use their number throughout you presentation. Don't try to change their number as it is the one they believe. If you use a different one it means they won't believe you and that means overcoming objections.

Prove Everything You Say

If you can't prove it, don't say it. Be sure you have pictures, articles, props and other items that will prove your claims. If you bring testimonials, get them on video. Very few customers will look through a stack of letters and even less will believe that they are genuine. Customer believe video testimonials, so get some and bring some. This is a very powerful tool for overcoming objections.

Get Agreement As You Go

As you present, always ask if the customer agrees. For example, if you said, "As you can see, our steel plates are 50% thicker than the ones you currently use, do you agree that this extra thickness will make the equipment last longer and cost less in the end?" Wait for an answer before you proceed. Don't tell them, ask them.

Play The Believe Card

If you have followed these steps to create belief in your claims, when you get an objection, one great step in overcoming objections is to play the belief card. Just come out and say that the customer is not believing the proof they agreed to a few minutes before. For example, if the customer says they aren't going ahead for six months, you might counter with, "But Tim, you told me you agreed with the savings we calculated. We even used your numbers which are far more conservative than we usually use. Even your safe, conservative numbers show you will save money every week. It doesn't make sense to waste more money this week and next week too. I'll get the paperwork started."

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