Scientific Methods For Choosing Your Baby's Gender

Published: 08th June 2009
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Many couples wonder if they can influence or even choose their baby's gender and the great news is they can. I'm not talking about your grandmother's methods like "eat a lot of hot dogs to have a boy", I am talking about scientifically proven ways to choose gender. Conception no longer has to be just a big roll of the dice.

Many people wonder if choosing the gender of your baby is ethical and moral and the answer is "yes"! It is ethically permissible and many couples do it. Maybe you have 2 girls and want a boy or maybe you have some reason why you wish a specific gender. Now, you can choose.

There are three ways to try and choose. The first are the old wives tales and superstitions that do not work but are worth a laugh just reading about. The second is an expensive method where doctors search for the right egg and sperm and artificially choose to make the baby you want. This method is very expensive and seems to artificial to many couples. It can cost thousands of dollars and it seems artificial to most couples.

The third method uses scientifically proven things you can do to choose the sex of your baby. Of course, there are no guarantees but several studies have been done that indicate a significant increase in the desired results with these methods. Here are some examples:

There are simple diet changes that will alter the mother's pH(acidity) in ways that influence the gender of the baby. pH balance determines which sperm are successful in fertilizing the eggs.

Some foods have a natural electric charge that attracts or repels the type of sperm you want. It may sound unusual but it has been proven. Think of the commercials you have seen on TV for the dusters that attract dust using electrostatic charge. This is the same principle at work in gender determination

Sex positions have a lot to do with gender as well. For example, if a man ejaculates close to the cervix it is much more likely that a boy will be conceived.

Timing is also extremely important. To chose the gender of your baby, you need to keep track of your ovulation cycles and try to conceive at the right time.

Many of these things sound complex but are actually very simple and all are inexpensive. Do your homework and choose the sex of your next baby.


This article discusses how to conceive a boy or how to conceive a girl using scientifically proven methods like the Settles Method to choose the sex of your baby through gender determination. For more information on methods that work, go to

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