If It's Easy To Make $1,000 Per Day Selling At Flea Markets, Why Are Vendors Poor?

Published: 10th August 2009
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Some people are skeptical when they see our training program "How to make $1000 per day selling at flea markets". You may think it is an exaggeration. Maybe you have been to flea markets and you don't see vendors that look like they are making a lot of money. Many are sitting in their booth reading without any trace of paying customers. A lot of vendors just aren't selling at flea markets so how can our training help?

Often vendors set themselves up for failure by doing no research before they get started. They didn't research who comes to the flea markets, how many people come, and what products are already being sold by other vendors. Research to get a profitable niche is very important.

Check out the display at many booths. Many are just thrown together without an appealing display. Good display attracts customers you can sell. If you see a vendor with a poor display, you can figure they are not attracting enough customers to make $1000 per day.

Probably the most important factor in success selling at flea markets is doing exciting demonstrations. If you see vendors just sitting in their booth, they will not be successful. We suggest that you only sell products that can be demonstrated at the flea market such as cookware, kitchen chopping tools, soda making machines, chamois, and other products that you see on TV in infomercials. Demonstrations accomplish two important tasks. First, they stop the passers by and draw a crowd to watch. Then, they help you raise the interest of the crowd to make them want to buy. How many times have you watched an infomercial for something you had no interest in and by the end, you wanted to buy one? That is exactly what a good demonstration does at flea markets.

The great TV pitchmen like Ed McMahon, Ron Popeil and others started out selling at flea markets doing the demonstration we teach in our program. If you know this demo, you know how to make lots of money whenever you want!

Here is absolute proof in the following example. In our course, we show a product has a great demonstration. It costs $60.00 and sells for $100.00, creating a $40 profit. If you started a demo and drew a crowd of 20 people, you could easily sell 4 units for a profit of $160.00. That's only a 20% selling ratio! If you did two demonstrations per hour for 5 hours, you would make a profit of $1,600.00 for the day. Demonstrations make the difference. If you are serious about selling at flea markets a good demonstration is essential.

Great flea market booths take credit cards, since people will spend far more on credit than they will with cash. Great vendors "upsell" that is they add more products and accessories when people buy. For example, if you sell shoes, sell laces, polish, waterproofing and more.

These are a few of the factors that make a difference. Why don't all vendors make money selling at flea markets? Because they are not using the techniques that make it happen. You can enjoy yourself and make good money selling at flea markets if you use these techniques.


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