How To Create Urgency That Gets The Sale

Published: 01st March 2011
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If you have been making your living in sales for any amount of time, you have found out that a presentation without urgency will most likely fail. If you want to close sales and overcome objections more often, you have to create a reason to buy now in every presentation you do. Without these reasons to buy, you ability to close sales will be much lower.

But, today's customer is the most savvy ever and they hate obvious lies. That's why so many of the common reasons to buy don;t get the sale. They are phony and the customer knows it. How many times can we read on line that "this page is coming down soon?" How often can we hear "it's the last one" or "seating is limited"? Does this mean that we need to close sales and overcome objections without using creating a sense of urgency?

The phoniness of reasons to buy have prompted many salespeople to stop using a reason to buy now and that costs them serious income. Many close so few they blame the customer for not buying. That's a shame because the correct use of reasons to buy will make a lot of money. But it's an art, not a science. Like all art it takes time and practice. Here are some suggestions that will make it easier for you to close sales and overcome objections more successfully.

It Has To Be Customized

You can't effectively use the same old reason to buy every time. To close sales and overcome objections effectively, it has to be customized for each customer. Maybe they need to beat a deadline, maybe they want 90 days to pay, maybe they want installation by your best crew. Think as you talk to the customer and decide what reason will do the job. Don't use the same reason to buy on everyone because that's what makes it sound like a lie.

Are You Being Too Helpful?

Weak salespeople are often so helpful it costs the sale. To close sales and overcome objections, you need to turn customer challenges into closing opportunities. For example, if a customers asks if it can be shipped in two weeks don't be so quick to say it can. Instead, you can use this challenge to close the sale by saying, "Wow, that's cutting it close. I'm not sure we can ship that fast as this is a busy time for us but I will write on your order "must be shipped within two weeks". I hope you see how even though the salesperson knew it could be shipped in two weeks, by writing it on the order and making it look tough the salesperson created a custom reason to buy without giving a discount.

It Has To End Now

Another common error is that salespeople use reasons to buy that end soon but but now. If the reason ends soon, the customer will tell you they will buy soon. But if you want to close sales and overcome objections today, you need a reason to buy that ends today. Why is today a great day to buy? What makes it special? Be sure you have a reason before you do any presentation and you will succeed much more often.

These are just a few tips on the skillful use of reasons to buy now to help you close sales and overcome objections. If you want to succeed in sales, you need to learn all you can about this area of the sale and work on reasons you can customize to fit your customers. It is time and effort that will pay dividends for your entire career.


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