Four Guaranteed Ways To Excel In Door To Door Sales

Published: 12th August 2009
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Many new door to door sales people face fears when they start their career. There are ways to calm those door to door sales fears that will help you succeed in direct marketing.

The first thing to realize is that all new recruits feel fear in any field and this is no exception. Imagine being a pilot or a doctor or a police officer on your first day in your new career. Door to door sales is no more scary than other fields of human interaction.

Having said that, they are ways you can minimize your fears in door to door sales that will make it successful and enjoyable. Let's take a look at four top techniques for minimizing fear in door to door sales.

Convince Yourself You Are There To Help

Most door to door sales people find that if they feel they are there to get a sale or to get money, they have fears but if they convince themselves they are there to help the customer have a better life, solve a serious problem or save a lot of money, they have less fear. This is what makes door to door sales successful and enjoyable. Be sure to sell yourself every day on how much you are helping the people who listen to you and buy your product or service. You're not there to take their money, you are there to help them.

Talk Like You're Proud

If you go to a new restaurant, see a great money or have a grand child, you can't wait to tell people about it. Try to capture that pride and enthusiasm for your products and services. Tell yourself you are a very proud and enthusiastic person who is bursting to share what you know about what you are selling. Don't think about selling, think about telling them as you would tell a friend about a great cruise or a great steak. Practice this. It may not come naturally at first. But changing how you feel about door to door sales will amazingly change the reaction you get from your customers. In door to door sales, this is a key factor.

Forget The Negative

There are a great many negatives in door to door sales. Be sure to forget them all. Forget the people that said "no". Forget your co workers, your family or anyone else that does not believe in your door to door sales career.

Pretend You Make Money From Talking

Whenever you are selling door to door, forget about sales and concentrate on talking. Sales will look after themselves if you talk to enough people. Remember that in door to door sales many more salespeople fail because they did not talk to enough prospects than fail because the prospects wouldn't buy. Once you get used to talking, then you can work on closing door to door sales. Let's assume you sell something that pays you a $200.00 commission per sale. If it takes 10 presentations and 50 door knocks to get one door to door sale, realize that you make $4.00 ($200/50 knocks) every time you knock on a door. What's you goal for earnings today? Start knocking. Just the act of knocking earns you on the average $4.00 whether the customer slams the door or asks you in. Want to pay for lunch? Knock two more times and earn $8.00! Do that math and work out how much you get paid just to knock and you will enjoy door to door sales much more.

Door to door sales is a snap once you set reasonable goals and realize that you get paid for accomplishing those actions. This is the secrets that gave me the courage to succeed and I know it will work for you too.

So go out and make door to door sales unafraid of the things that handicap other door to door sales people. You can do it. Start knocking.


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