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Published: 23rd October 2009
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If you are not getting into as many doors as you want, it may be a question of trust. Door to door sales requires a very fast development of trust even before the customer opens the door. If they don't trust you, they won't even open the door and that makes door to door sales impossible to do. So, if you want to succeed in door to door sales, you need to take a look at the impression you make before you knock.

Start Selling With Your Vehicle

If possible, make your vehicle sell with exciting graphics that "wrap" the vehicle. The cost of "wrapped graphics" will be offset by extra sales and is a great investment. An exciting but tasteful vehicle builds interest and trust. It also gets people to call you and ask you to come out for an appointment. Always park on the street and not in the driveway. If a family member has to leave during your presentation, you won't have to end the sale to move your car. Keep your vehicle clean. It males a difference in door to door sales. Also, we suggest that you park on the street and walk to several houses rather than pulling in the driveway and moving your car from house to house.

Everything Counts

Many door to door sales people don't think about it, but you are on display even before you get out of your car. Be sure you are ready to be seen when you pull into an area. After you get there is not the time to be combing hair, tucking in shirts or performing other tasks. You should be ready to sell as soon as you arrive.

Observe As You Drive

As you approach an area be observant. Who else have you sold in the area? Sometimes dropping a neighbor's name can get you in the door. What kiond of neighborhood is it? What kind of people live there. What will interest them about your product or service? Take it all in and you ill be more ready to sell when you get to your first door.

Why Are You There?

One very important factor in door to door sales success is having a reason why you are there. Having a reason for being there develops trust right away. People always trust someone with a believable reason for knocking than they do a stranger who has no reason. Your reason for knocking could be that you are delivering something to someone on the block. It could be that you came out with a technician who is doing an installation. It could be that you were driving by and you noticed something about their house that made you stop. Whatever reason you use, be sure to have one ready before you knock.

Picture ID And Corporate Clothing

We recommend that you wear large picture ID and corporate clothing so that the customer will not be worried about who you are or where you really came from.


Choose clothes that generate trust and that match your product. Make sure you clothing send a message of trust. People tend to trust well dressed strangers more than those who are casually dressed. A briefcase usually adds trust. Be sure your clothes have a readable company logo on them as well.

Knocking Techniques

Yes, even how you knock makes a difference. You don't want to sound too wimpy or too threatening. You can't sound like the police delivering a search warrant. Choose a knocking style carefully and think about the impression it gives. After you knock, do not look in windows or touch their mail or newspaper. Look professional and wait patiently for an answer.

Step Back From The Door

After you knock, it is a good idea to step back from the door. That way you look less threatening. Take a few steps back. Many door to door sales people turn their back to the door after they knock and step away. It makes answering look safer to the customer.

Try some of these techniques to develop trust before you even enter the home. It will make a difference to your door to door sales success.


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